How it works:
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Contact us to book your show. We can host sizable audiences grouped into teams of 8. Morpheus shows run seven days a week.
be immersed
Once the show starts, Morpheus will be there. Morpheus has all the answers, but your team creates the story.
Everyone will need a quiet space, a blindfold, a headset, and a Zoom-enabled device (max two persons per device).
Perhaps you've taken on the responsibility of organising a friend's birthday festivities and are stuck for ideas?

Many of us have been finding unique ways to mark special occasions in virtual settings thanks to lockdown restrictions, so the pressure to get creative with Zoom party ideas is very real.

If you're planning to organise a memorable online birthday party for adults, look no further than Morpheus' exhilarating immersive shows.
Morpheus has all the answers,
but you create the story.
Immersive theatre is an increasingly popular art form combining live performance, audience participation, and technological innovation. Think of a Morpheus show as a kind of virtual party led by professional actors trained to offer you and your friends an unforgettable live experience.

Each of our shows tells a unique and gripping story influenced by the actions of participants. If you enjoy solving puzzles, soaking in the atmosphere of live performance, or simply reaching shared goals with your friends and loved ones, our unique offering is sure to dazzle you. Morpheus shows really do represent the perfect Zoom birthday party activity in or out of lockdown!

What is immersive theatre
and in what ways does it offer something unique?