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The only show you'll never see

We bring the theatre from the stage to your mind
only 19.10-2.12

Trick or Treating from your home

Halloween: the only night of the year when the dead walk among the living; when the fabric of time wears thin and the spirits of the past return to haunt our world.

You will have to work together, making unanimous decisions under pressure. You'll laugh, you'll argue, you'll bond, you'll rush, you'll take a moment to pause.

A clock strikes, darkness falls and the game begins...

Everything depends on you!
The show may not be suitable for those who are pregnant or who suffer from epilepsy, claustrophobia, or anxiety - please get in touch with any specific questions or requirements
Morpheus is a unique, interactive theatrical experience with live actors that can be enjoyed from home
All you need is access to Zoom, a stable internet connection, headphones, a blindfold and the desire to see the invisible
We ask you to cover your eyes so you can enjoy the fully immersive experience
One starry night, a group of people appear in the desert… in tuxedos and evening gowns. They look like special agents. But what are they doing here? What on earth is going on? Finding the answers to these questions, and many others, is your job in this light-hearted show.

This is a farcical comedy - in this production, people fly, fight predators, and talk to celebrities (or not). It's a riot from start to finish!

We welcome anyone who's up for kicking back and having a laugh!

Duration: 1.5 hours
Max. number of participants: 6

Adrenaline junkies, this one's for you!

You wake up in an empty, chaotic world… The few people you do encounter all seem quite strange and confused. In fact, your own memory of how you got here is extremely patchy. You have to think fast, regroup and figure out what's going on. You'll have to make decisions - your own life, and the fate of many others, is at stake. The actors in the production seem to hold some important information, and will try to help you out. But you and your teammates are the key players in this story.

In this gripping production, the adrenaline is off the scale, and the tension is immense until the very last second. In this extreme, if imaginary, scenario, you will discover communication and leadership skills you never knew you had.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Max. number of participants: 6

This Halloween, immersive online theatre company MORPHEUS present their spookiest experience yet!

All Hallows' Eve is a show like no other - hosted by live actors, it is an exclusive, interactive ghost-ride that can be experienced from the comfort of your own home. Close your eyes, lend us your ears, and take control - as we invite you inside an imagination-bending, sonic adventure.
All you need is access to Zoom, a stable internet connection, headphones, a blindfold and the guts to see the invisible!

Don't get too comfortable though... How the nightmare ends, is up to you!

Afraid of being left behind!? Tickets can be purchased here and are available for a limited period of 2 weeks; 6 tickets per show with group discounts available - 6 for the price of 5.
Pick a date and buy your tickets
Pull up your favourite armchair and get comfortable. Put on your headphones and cover your eyes
Lose yourself to the magic of theatre!
Awesome! 10/10 You feel like it's really happening, like you've somehow got lost in this crazy world.
Spooky, funny, clever with amazing actors - a brilliant experience and not like anything else!
With my eyes closed, I could "see" the performance so vividly in my imagination that I felt in the middle of the action! When is the next show?
Thank you for giving my daughter and her friends the best time. The private room is worth every penny (sharing the experience with friends and talking about it afterwards is a huge part of the fun). My daughter's shrieks of joy and funny remarks during the show made my day. I didn't hear what the actor and the other participants said. Just as well because I'd love to do it myself and wouldn't want any plot spoilers.
Angus from London
Bruce from Lincoln
Vicky from Kensington
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