How it works:
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Contact us to book your show. We can host sizable audiences grouped into teams of 8. Morpheus shows run seven days a week.
be immersed
Once the show starts, Morpheus will be there. Morpheus has all the answers, but your team creates the story.
Everyone will need a quiet space, a blindfold, a headset, and a Zoom-enabled device (max two persons per device).


Distance is no barrier!
Morpheus provides an online birthday party experience that brings people together even when they can't be in the same physical location. You and your partygoers will be transported to a finely crafted sonic world and guided through the interactive immersive storyline by live actors, giving you a virtual birthday party like no other.

Come together
With a range of shows to choose from, Morpheus' creates memorable birthday experience with its immersive online theatre experiences that bring you together to solve mysteries, have fun, and possibly even save humanity!

Experience Morpheus
For whatever reason you're celebrating your birthday online, morpheus is ideal choice for you. Gather your friends together and contact us now to start your journey.


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